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Helpful Tips for Buying Used Cars From a Dealership

Not everyone can go out and buy a brand new car, face these days prices often look like you are buying a home with some of the models. Often many people who don't have the budget for a new car have to go out and look in the used cars category. However, just because a used car is the only option, it doesn't mean that a person has to go out and get stuck with a lemon or a piece of junk. There are things that you can do to help you find a decent used car.

Before you even start looking at used cars you really need to set a budget for yourself. This goes for paying with cash, trade ins or even if you are getting some kind of financing. You need to know exactly how much money you are willing to spend and can afford to spend. If it happens that you are going to go with financing then this means you need to know just how much you can afford to pay each month, in other words the most you can actually spend each month, period, end of story.

Know what things will be deal breakers for you, whether it's the cars mileage, type of transmission, type of brakes, and so on. Make sure that you have a list of all the things you prefer it to have and all the negatives that you don't want to see in a car. This is very important. You really need to know what you are looking for before you go out looking at used cars.

Once you have your budget and all the deal breakers listed you should start doing some research online. By doing a little online research you will start to get an idea of the used cars that are in your area. Once you have searched your immediate area you might also want to go further with your research to surrounding areas, say with a 30 mile radius.

While doing your research never get tempted to look outside your determined budget or even your list of deal breakers, this can be dangerous because if you do, you may run across your dream car and then start telling yourself that if you do this or do that you should be able to handle the payments and overlook things that should have been deal breakers. Otherwise you could end up with one very costly mistake in the end.

While you are searching online for used cars you might want to start narrowing down your search to just a few types and then do research on these particular types of cars. See if there were ever any safety recalls, find out what Consumer Reports has to say about them, talk to anyone who may own the type of car or has before, even talk to your mechanic about some of the types of cars you might be interested in.

Once you have a couple of cars that you might be considering you should go to the Kelley Blue Book site and look these cars up. They are impartial and give price ranges that are based on the condition of cars. When you have information from this source it makes it far easier to negotiate with the person selling the car.

If you are considering buying from a car dealer and you have found a couple you are interested in, go to the lot on a Sunday when most dealers are closed and check out some of the type of cars you might be interested in. This way you won't be harassed by pushy sales people.

When you finally have found a car that you feel interested in buying then call the dealership to make an appointment so that you can take the car out for a test drive. You want to do this so you can listen to the car, drive it at different speeds, test out the brakes, check the stereo, all the windows, heater, defroster, air conditioning, wipers and check for a spare and even check the fluid levels as well as checking all the tires.

Once you have done all of this and you still feel strongly interested in the car you really need to ask that the dealership to give you a complete Carfax report. There is no reason why they should not be willing to do this for you, if they do, get up and leave, it's as simple as that. If they are willing to do so, make sure to read everything on the Carfax before doing anything else.

If you like what you see and read about the car then you are finally ready to sit down and negotiate some sort of deal that is fair for both parties. You will know your budget, have information from Kelley Blue Book and all the information on it from Carfax. All of this will help make it easier to negotiate with the sales person.

If all of this works out and you feel good about the car and the price then you should ask them if you can also have your mechanic check it out as well. If they say no, then the best thing for you to do is to leave and don't go back. There is no reason a dealership should say no. If they say yes then have your mechanic check it out completely and if he finds anything ask that he makes a detailed report and show all the amounts for any fixes that might be needed. Then you can bring all of this to the attention of the dealership and you might be able to get the car at an even lower price. The dealership may require you give them a deposit before they let you take it to your mechanic, this is fine, as long as it's refundable and make sure to get that in writing.

Once all of this is done both you and the sales person should feel good about the situation and now you should feel good about buying the car if all checked out well and you should be able to go home with a car you feel good about.

Note: If you don't feel totally confident in yourself going to a dealership alone simply ask a friend to go with you who will help keep your grounded, especially during negotiations.

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Tips for Buying New Cars

There are a lot of things that you need to know when going out and looking at new cars in the hope of taking one home with you. You need to know how to locate, price and negotiate in order to buy a new car that you truly want. By following these tips here, you might be able to save yourself thousands of dollars and make the entire process a lot quicker and even fun. These tips will also help put you in charge when it comes to the deal making process and that gives you a feeling of empowerment and that's a good feeling. However, first things first, with so many new cars out there, you need to decide first on what kind of car you want to buy. And you can do that by doing the following:

1. How many passengers will be in the car?
2. What kind of driving do you do, off road, surface streets, highway, etc.?
3. Do you have to drive on ice or in snow?
4. Do you have long commutes?
5. What safety features are most important to you?
6. Do you need a lot of storage space?
7. Will car seats for children be used?
8. Will you ever be doing any kind of towing?
9. How much parking space or garage space do you currently have?
10. Set your budget. Unless you are paying cash, which is highly unlikely you need to think about your finances and either how you are going to finance your purchase or lease. You need to know realistically just how much you can afford each month.
11. Know if you want to buy or lease one of the new cars you might be interested in. They both have their pros and cons and you need to know them. With leasing you can drive a lot more expensive car for a lot less money. You can always drive a new car with the newest technology every so many years and there are no trade in hassles at the end of each lease. With buying there is more flexibility to sell whenever you like. You can modify the car any way you like. There are no mileage penalties and over time your overall expenses will be much less.
12. Make sure to know all the costs of owning a new car. So, before you commit you need to consider depreciation, insurance costs, maintenance and fuel costs along with the payments.

Next thing you need to do after you have gone through the above list is to get yourself approved for a car loan. This is a powerful step when looking at new cars and buying one. You should get approved for a loan from your bank, credit union or an online lender. If the interest offered seems extremely high, then you will know there is something wrong with your credit history and you should get it resolved first before getting a loan for a new car.

The next thing you should do is to price the car you want and your trade in if you have one. You should know that the price of new cars are normally negotiable. Know how much your trade in is worth and also know what the average price is that people are paying in your area. You can figure this out by going to

Find the car you are most interested in. You need to try and be as flexible as you can about different options and the color. The wider range you have to pick from the easier it is going to be to find the right car that you can afford.

Look for price promises and check dealership Internet departments. You should look for Price Promise offers on the car of your liking, print it out and then take it with you to the dealership to help you conclude your deal. It is probably a good idea to call the dealership ahead to make sure that the car is still available. When there is a Price Promise program at a dealership it assures the buyer that there is a guaranteed and up front price on a certain car that they can't go back on.

Always try to negotiate a lower price on the car, especially if there is no Price Promise offered. You can do this by getting some Internet price quotes from at minimum of three other local dealers. Then you can take the lowest price you see and call the dealership that has the car you want and tell them if they can beat the price then you want to buy the car from them.

Make sure to review all the new car fees and check for dealer financing. Not only do you have to pay for the price of the car but you will also have to pay for sales tax, registry fees and doc or documentation fees. Then there is dealer financing and even if you got pre-approved for a loan earlier, if their financing turns out to be less you should consider going that route.

If the price is right, fees look right and the financing is good then you are ready to say yes to the deal. However, before you sign the paperwork you might want to have signing the paperwork at your home and even ask if the dealer can deliver your car to your home. If you do have them deliver the car make sure to check it for any dents or scratches before you sign on the dotted line. Also, make sure that your new car comes with a full tank of gas because it should. Before you go out and drive your new car on your own it's always a good idea to have the salesperson go over the car with you by giving you a tour of your brand new car. Sure there is a manual but leave that for later. Have the salesperson show you how to connect your phone to the car, how to set up Bluetooth and show you how to use all the other important features and any safety devices. When you are done with all of this, have fun and enjoy your new car.

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A Few Things to Know About Electric Cars

Even if you are not a real car enthusiast you more than likely know all about the buzz going on about electric cars. Today a lot of automakers are slowly joining the Eco-friendly efforts that has become worldwide. If you don't know much about these kind of cars here are a few things everyone should know about them whether they plan on buying one or not.

The first thing to know is how electric cars run. They use an all electric motor instead of your standard gas engine. This eliminates the need for gasoline of course. Then the other two main parts of this type of vehicle is the controller and the rechargeable batteries. These are the three parts that power the car. To date the most currently produced electric cars can reach speeds up to around 90mph. They are also 100% emissions free which makes them 97% cleaner than all other standard vehicles on the road and they are also around three times more efficient.

The most common battery that is used in electric cars would be lithium-ion. This is the kind of batter that should last for around five years or 100,000 miles of driving, but the technology for these types of batteries is continually improving. Right now it is important to know that one lithium-ion battery pack can cost you up to $10,000 but experts in the industry say this price should decrease immensely within the next five to ten years.

You can charge an electric car by plugging it into your standard 120 volt or 240 volt outlet. If it's a DC motor it will run from 96 to 192 volts and an AC motor will run on the 240 volts. AC seems to be leaning towards becoming the electric car standard.

For the battery to charge completely the cycle can take anywhere from four to ten hours and it is best to do it at night when the car isn't needed. One of these charges will let the car have enough power to run for over a 100 miles and the cost to charge up an electric car is about two to five cents per mile.

Even though electric cars have been found a little difficult to find in the recent past they are becoming a lot easier in today’s market and at the same time the price of these cars have also decreased a lot in recent years. They even offer electric car conversion kits that are beginning to become popular. These are kits that can turn a standard car into a plug in car for about $7,500, which is a lot less than a new electric car that starts around $25,000 new.

Final Note: Technology on electric cars still need to improve but with as fast as the current research is going on things like fuel cells, experts believe that the near future will see much better battery efficiency. Even though this can be a problem now, the cars still can save a driver a lot of money over time since there are no oil changes, no emission checks and no gas to buy.

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Helpful Tips for Buying Cheap Cars

Not everyone can afford a brand new car and even sometimes used cars. Sometimes the budget will only allow for a person to buy cheap cars. When looking for a car you will quickly discover that there are a lot of outlets to buy a cheap used car. There are Internet sites, auctions as well as dealers. In order to get a good deal there are a few things you should do in order to stay with your budget.

When looking for cheap cars make sure to do your research. You should get as much information as you can before even considering negotiating and buying one. Make sure to go to sites like and to provide you with important information about any cheap cars you might be looking at. If known they should offer any maintenance issues or customer complaints there might be. What it costs for this information could still end up saving you a lot of money in the future.

One good way to find cheap cars is to search your local neighborhood for any used cars for sale by owner. This is often a great way to find a car because often those selling a used car don't want to mess around with advertising. This then will help to keep the price of their car down as well. Local people are often a lot more willing to negotiate with the price as well.

Check out repair shops and auction houses for cheap cars. Sometimes repair shops end up with cars that have been abandoned and they will often sell them to interested parties. Auction houses quite often get cars that are from police seizures as well as tow yards. However, be aware that sometimes there is extra work that may be done in order to get the title for these kinds of cars.

You can also consider finding cheap cars by bartering or even trading. Often you can find sellers that need some sort of service or object that you might have to offer and t his could be used to either lower the price of the car or even be an even trade.

When looking for cheap cars make sure to try and avoid any popular models. The cars that are less popular will often be a lot less money than those cars that are far more popular models. Sometimes a less popular model can get the price lowered.

Always make sure that you have cash on hand when you go out to buy a car. Sometimes if you tell the seller you have cash you can get the price of the car lowered.

One final thing to remember in trying to get a cheaper car is to limit the amount of options the car has. Just make a list of the absolute options needed and stick to it and this could save you hundreds of dollars.

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How to Increase Your Used Car Sales

If you own or run a dealership that sells used cars then it is important to you that you are able to increase your car sales. There are ways in which you can increase your sales as well as raise your profits at the same time. One thing to always remember is that generally used car salespeople are often considered to be dishonest and have poor business practices so it is important that all tactics used are respectful tactics and not just mere gimmicks.

One of the first things you should consider when wanting to increase your car sales is to list lower prices. This may seem like an obvious thing to do to bring in more people to buy there are also some other benefits as well. For example if you advertise a car at a lower price and then your dealership also offers financing you then might be able to convince the buyer to also purchase a service contract or even an extended warranty for the car, this will definitely increase your profit margin.

Also consider thinking about making car sales online through online auctions. A really popular spot online to do this at would be eBay Motors. There are both private owners and dealerships that use this service and with good success. Make sure that if you go this route that you consider what your return policy and shipping arrangements are going to be because you will more than likely get buyers that are not located in your area of business.

If you feature your cars online on places such as or you want to make sure that you put in as many pictures of your inventory as you can. Even though four or five pictures might be enough to draw interest it is best if you take dozens of pictures of each vehicle in order to increase your chances of increasing your car sales. People want to be able to see as much of a car they are interested as they possibly can. Often a person might be willing to pay more for the car if they have a really good idea of what it looks like and all its features.

Consider offering buyers a guaranteed trade allowance. Some people who are shopping for a good used car may have an older car that they want to get rid of at the same time they are purchasing a used car. If a dealership were to offer a guaranteed trade allowance of say $2,000 for example they are going to get more people willing to purchases from that dealership. Even if the trade-in isn't worth it, the price can be inflated later for re-sale.

Think about having some sort of event at your dealership. Have a liquidation sale or a repo car sale, sales will often bring in buyers to the lot. Just make sure there is plenty of staff on hand to handle any kind of increased traffic to your lot. Even though not all who come will end up being buyers this kind of thing will at least increase your prospect list.

Take your current customer list and send out some direct mailings to them. This might be expensive but it is one way to increase the awareness of your dealership to customers that you have served in the past. The mailing can focus on low monthly payments, the size of your dealerships inventory or if you have featured cars or trucks that you are wanting to try and move.

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