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Most Popular Car Brands by Region in the United States

The Kelley Blue Book site has confirmation on the general assumption that where a person lives in the United States plays a huge role in the car brands that people buy. A very recent study conducted by KBB looked at four different regions located in the U.S., the Northeast, South, Midwest and the We ...more

Helpful Tips for Buying Used Cars From a Dealership

Not everyone can go out and buy a brand new car, face these days prices often look like you are buying a home with some of the models. Often many people who don't have the budget for a new car have to go out and look in the used cars category. However, just because a used car is the only option, it  ...more

Tips for Buying New Cars

There are a lot of things that you need to know when going out and looking at new cars in the hope of taking one home with you. You need to know how to locate, price and negotiate in order to buy a new car that you truly want. By following these tips here, you might be able to save yourself thousand ...more

A Few Things to Know About Electric Cars

Even if you are not a real car enthusiast you more than likely know all about the buzz going on about electric cars. Today a lot of automakers are slowly joining the Eco-friendly efforts that has become worldwide. If you don't know much about these kind of cars here are a few things everyone should  ...more

Helpful Tips for Buying Cheap Cars

Not everyone can afford a brand new car and even sometimes used cars. Sometimes the budget will only allow for a person to buy cheap cars. When looking for a car you will quickly discover that there are a lot of outlets to buy a cheap used car. There are Internet sites, auctions as well as dealers.  ...more

How to Increase Your Used Car Sales

If you own or run a dealership that sells used cars then it is important to you that you are able to increase your car sales. There are ways in which you can increase your sales as well as raise your profits at the same time. One thing to always remember is that generally used car salespeople are of ...more

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